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Chairman Asada holds Mini-Seminar of British Market Council and Convivial Party at British Hills (Fukushima)
On July 6th, Mr. Teruo Asada, Chairman of Marubeni, who is also acting chairman of the British Market Council (hereinafter, “BMC”)* held Mini Seminar and a convivial party for the BMC at British Hills (Fukushima). Till 2013 Japan-UK Business Partnership Seminars were held annually at British Hills, but now it is held at Tokyo in October annually. Upon request of several members, we have held Mini Seminar and convivial party at British Hills.

Among those participating in the Seminar were Mr. Chris Heffer, Councilor, Director of Trade and Investment and other BMC members, Mr Tetsuhide Mikamo, Advisor of Marubeni Research Institute addressed a speech about ''Destabilization of the international situation and Brexit''.

At the convivial party speeches were delivered by Chairman Asada, Chairman Mr Motoyasu Sano, Sano Educational Foundation and Mr Yasuhiro Murata, President, British Hills. 35 guests, both members and non-members of the BMC, were received at the event and a wonderful time was had by all.
Chairman Asada’s opening speech at the Seminar
Councilor-Director Chris Heffer delivers a guest speech at the Seminar
丸紅経済研究所 美甘顧問による講演
Mr Mikamo ,Advisor of Marubeni Research Institute addressed speech.
Chairman Asada delivers a speech at the convivial party.
佐野学園 佐野理事長の懇親会でのご挨拶
Chairman Sano, Sano Educational Foundation delivers a speech at the convivial party.
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