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Constitution of the British Market Council (revised in June 2006)
Article 1 (Name)
The organization is called the British Market Council (hereinafter referred to as BMC).
Article 2 (Aim)
The aim of the BMC is to contribute to establishing and maintaining sound and stable trade relations between the UK and Japan.
Article 3 (Activities)
In order to meet the aims of the BMC, the following activities shall be undertaken:
Investigation and long-/short-term forecast of import trends from the UK
Regular meetings with relevant British parties to discuss various issues
Contact and negotiation with relevant authorities and other related parties
PR of British products; advice on and cooperation at fairs and exhibitions
Referral on the trading of British products; collection and provision of information related to products; information exchange on products
Cooperation on the promotion of investment to the UK (hold seminars if necessary)
Other activities that meet the aims of the BMC.
Article 4 (Office)
The office of the BMC shall be located on 6th Floor, World Import Mart Building, 1-3, 3-chome, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
Article 5 (Members)
The members of the BMC shall be engaged in one of the following businesses and shall agree with the aims of the organization.
Organizations engaged in businesses related to trading
Department stores and chain stores
Manufacturers and finance institutions
UK companies and UK organizations located in Japan
Any other organizations approved by the executive board
Article 6 (Representative(s) of Member Companies)
A member company shall designate its representative(s) (hereinafter referred to as ‘representative member(s)’) and notify the name(s) to the BMC at the time of the commencement of its membership. The notification shall also be given at the time of any change of the representative member(s).
Article 7 (Withdrawal)
A member company may withdraw from the membership by sending a notice to the Chairperson of the BMC.
Article 8 (Board Members and Advisors)
The BMC shall have the following Board Members and Advisors.
(Board Members)
Chairperson   1
Vice-Chairpersons  a few
Directors  a few (can designate Senior Directors and Executive Directors as required)
Auditors  a few
Advisors  a few
Article 9 (The Election of Board Members)
Directors and auditors shall be elected at general meetings.
Advisors can be appointed by the Chairperson with the approval of the Executive Board.
A person who has served as the Chairperson for more than one term can be appointed as a Special Advisor.
The Chairperson, Vice Chairpersons, Senior Directors and Executive Directors shall be mutually chosen by the members of the Executive Board.
In case Senior Directors or Executive Directors have to resign owing to the internal transfer of companies they belong to, or to any other reasons, their successors in the companies can succeed their positions regardless of the above-mentioned provision 1 of Article 9.
Article 10 (Tasks of Board Members)
The Chairperson shall govern all the works of the BMC, and represent the organization.
Vice Chairpersons shall assist the Chairperson and act for him in case of any event which prevents the Chairperson from undertaking his tasks.
Senior Directors and Executive Directors shall assist the Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons and act for them in case of any event which prevents them from undertaking their tasks.
Directors shall organize executive board meetings where important issues related to the management of the BMC shall be discussed and resolved.
Auditors shall audit the accounts of the BMC and report the results at general meetings.
Article 11 (Term of Board Members)
The term of the Board Members shall be 2 years. Reappointment may be accepted.
The Board Members shall, even after the completion of their term or their resignation from the Board, execute their tasks until their successors are appointed and come into office.
When a vacancy occurs to any Board Member’s position, he may not be replaced until the following general meeting, unless it constitutes a hindrance to the management of the organization.
Regardless of the provision 1 of Article 11, the term of Board Members who are replaced shall be the same as the term of their predecessors.
Article 12 (Term of Advisors)
The term of Advisors shall be 2 years. Reappointment may be accepted.
Article 13 (General Meetings)
The Chairperson shall summon and chair general meetings.
The following issues shall be resolved at general meetings.
(1) Change of constitutions
(2) Planning of events and businesses
(3) Budget and closing of account
(4) Other issues related to the management of the BMC requested by the Executive Board to be resolved at general meetings
Article 14 (Committees)
In case it is deemed necessary for implementing the activities of the BMC, Committees can be set up with the approval of the Executive Board.
Regulations related to the Panels shall be resolved by the Executive Board.
Article 15 (Expenses)
All expenses incurred shall be covered by membership fees and donations.
Article 16 (Fiscal Year)
The fiscal year of the BMC shall commence on April 1 and end on March 31 of the following year.
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